Corporate Overview and History

Corporate Overview and History

Founding Date April 1, 1982
Capital 100 million JPY
President Emi Katsuyama
Business Purpose Conduct of commissioned safety, pharmacokinetic and clinical tests on drugs, cosmetics, and other products
Equipment Analytical equipment, biochemical lab equipment, microbiological/cultured cell testing equipment, and others
Number of Employees 26 employees (including part-time workers)
Main Banks
  • Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.


April 1982
Biotechnology Research Laboratory established in Higashi-ku (currently Chuo-ku), Osaka
June 1982
Research lab opened in Mihara-cho (currently Mihara-ku, Sakai-shi), Minami Kawachi-gun, Osaka
June 1984
Headquarters moved to Mihara-cho (currently Mihara-ku, Sakai-shi), Minami Kawachi-gun, Osaka
June 1994
Headquarters and research lab buildings newly constructed and Headquarters moved to Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka
March 2001
FORECS * qualified us for funding support for a venture business
* FORECS: Osaka Foundation for Trade and Industry
March 2004
Biotechnology Research Laboratory was the remaining company after merging with the former EMI * under
the new name “EMI Inc.”
December 2007
Formed a capital alliance with Nichi-iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

* Former EMI <EMI>

July 2000
Established the company with limited liability in Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka
November 2002
Headquarters moved to Chuo-ku, Osaka
January 2003
Certified by the Governor of Osaka (Law on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises)
March 2004
Merged with Biotechnology Research Laboratory

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart | EMI Inc.